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In order to start your EPESI hosting trial, please fill in all the fields.

Alias - this name will be used to create a unique address - for example http://xyz123.epesicrm.com. You will use this address to access your EPESI application. Alias name must be a maximum of 12 characters, can not contain spaces or special characters like !@#$%^&*(). Upper case letters will be converted to lowercase.

E-mail - the e-mail address you will use to receive activation and management e-mails. Make sure you provide a valid e-mail address that you have access to, otherwise you won't be able to use this installation.

Login - first user created on the system will be identified with this login

Password - first user created on the system will be identified with this password

Regional settings - here you can configure the default time settings for your epesi installation. You can also adjust these settings later in epesi

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